Food Pantry

In April 2008 the New Covenant United Methodist church reopened the pantry as a service
ministry after recognizing the need for food assistance for families living in the 
Hamilton, Trenton, and Bordentown areas. It is open the third Wednesday of the month 
from 4pm to 8pm.

Church members renovated unused space within our building to serve as a choice pantry, 
where families can “shop” for available items. Since its inception, the food pantry regularly
assists more than 100 people per month, with nearly half of them being children. All are 
welcome and all will be served.

In addition, members and friends prepare a meal which is shared by all who come 
during the food pantry hours. Volunteers are able to assist families with SNAP (food 
stamps), NJ FamilyCare, Medicaid, various forms, or applications families may need while 
waiting their turn to shop.

We have recognized that providing food only helps with a part of so many unmet needs 
and we strive to make transformational changes in their lives by listening 
and connecting people to available resources.

How Can You Help: Each month the food pantry provides food to more than 100 people. 
Please support the Food Pantry by volunteering to pick up food from Mercer Street Friends, stocking shelves, helping to serve, donating non-perishable foods or money to help buy bulk food items from Mercer Street Friends.  In addition, you could donate grocery bags paper/plastic, toiletries, diapers, or books. Only through your donations and support are we able to run a food pantry and serve a light meal to our guests during the Food Pantry hours.